“My wife and I were fortunate enough to secure a lovely dwelling in the Omokoroa Country Estate in 1996. This lifestyle retirement village is set in captivating surroundings on the Omokoroa Peninsula and quite honestly there is no where else we would rather be.

With a beach and golf course so very handy, and Tauranga city just 15-20 minutes away, what else could one ask for. The friendships and the various activities with which we are privileged just complete our ideal lifestyle.”  
John Hayward
Resident of Omokoroa County Estate

“Retirement – There is a wonderful life after work at the Omokoroa Country Estate. The village is set in peaceful, beautiful surroundings, and after living here since 1994, has brought us many opportunities for new activities and companionship. There is a wonderful family atmosphere within the village, which includes the staff. We have certainly never regretted our move.  

The village is within walking distance of the beach, and close to Golf links and a Bowling Green, both of which can extend friendships. If you want a peaceful environment in which to live, and enjoy doing activities with other people, yet still retaining your privacy, we would recommend the Omokoroa Country Estate.  Come and see for yourself!”
Elaine & Gordon Gravatt
Residents of Omokoroa County Estate

In 1993 we moved to the Omokoroa Country Estate. Previously farmers, we wanted a rural setting but we wanted it to be reasonably close to facilities. Here, on the Omokoroa Peninsula, we found just what we were looking for.

Our homes are set in attractive gardens, which we may tend ourselves, if we choose, or have the gardeners take care of them. There are lots of available activities and our 12-seater coach not only does a weekly shopping trip to Tauranga, but also offers residents show excursions and even short holiday tours. The golf club and bowling club are both nearby, as are safe beaches.

We are indeed happy that we chose the Estate for our retirement years.

Joan & Graeme Goodin
Residents of Omokoroa County Estate

When Betty and I retired, we spent some time deciding where, out of Auckland, to live. We thought Omokoroa was it, and looked at some properties, before being introduced to the Country Estate, where we immediately felt ‘at home’.

Having looked at, and discounting, other retirement complexes, we felt this was different.

We have lived here since 1994, and can honestly say we have not regretted it.

All the amenities, gardens, social life, the relaxed atmosphere, security, and caring management make a great lifestyle, one to which I would recommend anyone to consider.

Ron & Betty Allen
Residents of Omokoroa County Estate