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Covid-19 Update for Residents

Now that all people arriving in New Zealand will be quarantined, our borders are well protected and it is up to us to ‘keep the faith’ and maintain our bubbles. We need to do this until we are told that cases have reduced to a point where it is safe to be slightly more social, which may not be too long as the government are actively working on plans to move to lower levels.

Quarantine has an interesting origin. In the 1300s Italians believed that people with the plague died within 37 days. So, people and shipments coming to Venice had to wait outside the city gates for 40 days before they could enter. The Italian word for 40 is quaranta; hence “quarantine”.


Some residents are already voicing concerns about what we might do if Level 3 is activated. A lot of the Level 3 planning is around getting more businesses active and may not change life a lot for us. Jacinda has been very firm about still staying in our bubbles if possible.

Our intention at this stage is to concentrate on keeping our residents safe and that would probably mean keeping all controls in place. We will be consulting with the residents committee Tuesday morning prior to publishing a plan going forward in our next OCE News, due out Wednesday 22nd April.


Everyone seemed to manage fine through Easter. The Easter Egg drop went well and now the management team understand how much fun the Easter Bunny has it might become an annual event!


Here’s how it will work:

  • Bring your completed consent form with you at your designated time.
  • Enter through the REAR automatic door (by the bowling green).
  • Go through the new lounge into the conference room (there are chairs to sit on along the way if you have to wait).
  • Your consent form will be checked and flu vaccination administered.
  • Proceed into the dining room where you will have to wait 20 minutes in case you have an adverse reaction (chairs are appropriately spaced for your comfort and social distancing requirements).

It is our pleasure to bring this service to you during this COVID-19 lockdown and we trust you will find the process quick and easy.


Technology and social media are truly wonderful things at a time like this.

Please ‘like’ us on Facebook, if you like the Omokoroa Country Estate page you can share to family and friends, and they can see the photos being posted to it.

For anyone interested in enjoying video catchups with family and friends, there are three great options: Zoom, Houseparty and Messenger. All you need is a smartphone, laptop or PC with a built-in camera or web cam.

If you would like some easy lessons, let Kevin know and we can set it up.


We can still show our appreciation and respect on ANZAC Day, April 25. We will just have to do it creatively. Chris Cole, Secretary of the Residents committee, has put a lot of work into the way the day could pan out. More coming from Chris, who has set about organisation, like a military operation.

And last but certainly not least, Coral Nasey is having her birthday tomorrow which also happens to be Anton and Anne Coetzee’s 50th wedding anniversary. If you see them around the village make sure you give them a big shout-out.

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