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Covid-19 Update for Residents

It may be level 3 from Tuesday morning but here at OCE we are still in level 4 to protect our residents. While it is good news for the economy it changes nothing for us, the social distancing requirement still stands and we agree with our Prime Minister that the longer we stay in our bubbles the sooner we might “knock COVID-19 off”.


The move to level 3 does allow for building projects to restart so we will be getting on with the refurbishments with our own builders and painters. Please can you play your part in observing strict protocols in place to protect everyone.

It is good news that we are able to continue with  the Village Centre refurbishment. To facilitate this, the fridges will be relocated to the gym area with access to the mailroom from there. Due to insurance requirements, access to the mailroom will be between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

If anyone finds that access difficult, just let us know what you need and we will deliver.


We are continuing to collect and deliver the groceries you order, and prefer to do that rather than have residents leave the village.

For manual orders that Deborah is ordering, she reports that Fresh Choice are now only allocating Wednesday and Fridays for delivery of these. So, from now on, please can you have your grocery order in the management box by Tuesday morning for Wednesday delivery and Thursday morning for Friday delivery.  

Online orders are not affected and remain the same procedure as before. However, would you please limit your pick-up to weekdays.


The virus can exist on cardboard food packaging for a day, and plastic for several days, there is a remote risk of getting infected from touching a surface or object that has been contaminated by the virus and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. This includes food packaging.

Please follow these 7 steps after any home delivery:

  1. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before collecting delivered food or other items at your front door
  2. Try not to touch any surfaces after collecting at your front door
  3. Wash fruits, vegetables and any other containers or wrapping and allow to dry
  4. Dispose of carry bags in household rubbish
  5. Disinfect any surfaces used
  6. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water
  7. All done, ENJOY.


There has been a lot of positive comment on the on-site flu vaccinations held on Monday the 20th; it was so appreciated we will be happy to arrange similar for next year.


The plans for ANZAC day outlined in the last newsletter apply. Social distancing means there is not room for everyone by the flag pole. If it is really important that you be there please let Chris Cole know and he should be able to arrange it.


We can remember them with poppies thanks to June Stratton and Tonnie Geux (ANZAC Day is Tonnie’s birthday) who have made enough ANZAC poppies for everyone. The poppies, reflecting the unique style of each creative lady, have sat for a day in Kevin’s office to allow for any possible virus residue to dissipate.

ANZAC poppies will be available to Residents from Wednesday afternoon in the mailroom.


Thanks to Chris Cole, Resident’s Committee Secretary, for his The Daily Blurb. This is very entertaining and informative, even to people like Stephen Pepper who does not live in the village!  Chris’s updates include local birds and village history among other things.


Birthday greetings this week to:

Keith Blezard (22 April): Keith is a former picture framer who lived for many years near the water at Lake Rotorua. He loves snooker and is pretty good at it.

Alastair Lock (23 April): Our “Mr Fixit,” Alastair is from a farming background and moved in a few months ago from Katikati.

Hanneke de Graf (25 April): Hanneke was an art tutor and is very active with art in the village. She is a talented clay sculptor too and also won a national poetry competition as a 15- year- old.

Tonnie Geux (25 April): Originally from Holland where she spent her formative years. She loves baking Dutch treats. Tonnie is from Auckland where she lived at Mangere Bridge overlooking the water.


Please note any books and jigsaw puzzles out with residents should be held on to, at your homes until further notice…just to be safe.


Remember we are here to assist you.

If you want to reach Kevin phone 548 1100. If it’s Deborah for groceries phone 020 4178 2613.



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