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Fresh Approach

Our new village website is now live and looking superb. We’re very keen to include more testimonials from current residents so if you’d like to contribute a few words about village life or the quality of our homes, please contact our new Sales Manager, Emma.

Emma will also relaunch our Facebook page to help welcome new residents and advertise available properties. “Facebook is an amazing marketing tool,” she explains. “A lot of people buying now are digital-savvy and Facebook reaches their families so they can say ‘I’m looking at this village, go and have a look on Facebook.’ So I’m going to have all the properties we have available on there and welcome our new residents into our village community through that forum.”

Once fully established in her new role, Emma plans to hold regular ‘open days’ at Omokoroa Country Estate to showcase our village to prospective residents and their families.

“I want to organise tours around the village so people can see what OCE is all about and get a taste of events going on here,” Emma says. “What I’ve noticed is our residents are very cultured – we have a lot of talented artists and musicians. So I’d love to use that to our advantage and work with our social convenor to establish a name for ourselves when we hold shows and events.”

Our new e-newsletters will also appear in your inbox and on our website as part of our efforts to improve communication and keep pace with modern expectations. “It’s not going to replace or take away from The Echo, but instead work alongside it as The Echo will continue to feature residents’ news and stories,” Emma says.

All of our new initiatives are designed to raise the bar and keep our village right up-to-date in 2019.

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